Sunday, December 27, 2015

Truths !!!

2015 Lessons&Experiences,
-smile is best medicine,succes is best revenge
-Nothing is permanent,everythink will lose charm with time,you need to be innovative to revive life,
-you will have to compromise with youself at one extend.
-you does't need to win whole world,one true love and real friendship is enough to live happily.
-live with your dreams but higher dreams higher pain,more crticism
-you are fool if you are spending your time for another's life thinking.everyone has one's problem, limits,perception.
-u can't share your all secrets to everyone.people will never be intersted if they does't have own benefits.
-Hope is way to live life. u can achieve whatever you lost.
-Never waste yourself for free,people does't have value,
-weakness is worst disease,Be brave like lion !
-Sometime silence is best way to express yourself.
-Last abdul kalam quote, u can't change future but you can change your habits,that lead to change your future.

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